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Kristen Menichelli

CEO / Principal Designer 



Kristen is a kitchen and bath designer with over 12 years experience transforming spaces. She began her career in theatrical design, and later transitioned to home design and remodeling, with an emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly design.

While she has a strong personal style, Kristen believes in creating spaces that are true reflections of their owner’s personality and lifestyle. She has a keen eye for the practical as well as the artistic, and her aesthetic infuses warmth into sophisticated spaces. She loves a challenge and enjoys working with clients who have a unique artistic vision.


Her referral-based company, Green House Designs, provides full-service kitchen and bathroom design and purchasing packages, as well as e-designs for the DIY crowd.

 She is experienced in sustainability practices for the kitchen and bath industry and specializes in eco-friendly designs.

A North Carolina native, Kristen has lived in the DC area since 2008. She enjoys gardening, traveling with her husband John, and tending to the whims of her two pet rabbits.

Meet The Team


Keri Schultz Kent joined Green House Designs in 2020 and serves as assistant to the designer as well as a color consultation specialist. She has a keen eye for detail, and can often be found on the job-site with a tape measure and checklist in hand.

Keri has a trained eye for paint colors, finishes and details. She has worked for a local faux finishing company, and has hands-on experience with many painting techniques and materials for interior design. Her experience helps clients select the right palette of paint colors and details to accompany the renovated space, bringing in those unique personal touches.

She is passionate about creative reuse and repurposing, and applies her background in theatrical craft and production to find sustainable ways to improve the function and organization of a home. Having also worked in home reorganization, she brings both efficiency and humor to the planning process. 

Keri is a Rhode Island native and currently lives in Northeast DC with her partner Paul, and can often be found working in her garden, quilting, knitting, or backstage at a local theater. She looks forward to meeting your cat (if applicable).


John Manning 

Director of Business Development


Danielle N. Harris 

UI/UX Designer and Color Consultant 


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