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Virtual Color Consultations

Our Process

Our Process - Virtual Color Consultations

  1. Choose Your Service & Make Payment

    Pricing for our Virtual Color Consults is Simple: just let us know how many rooms you need help with

  2. Fill out Questionnaire & Schedule Meeting

    After your purchase we'll send you a confirmation email as well as a design questionnaire. Please be as detailed as possible (including plenty of pictures) so we can best prepare options for you. This will also be when we'll schedule our meeting.

  3. Meet with Your Designer

    We'll present and discuss options based on your particular space and style, answer any questions, and work with you to narrow down to the perfect colors for your space

  4. Transform Your Space!

    After the meeting your designer will follow-up with a personalized report with all the information you need to complete the project, either by hiring a professional painter or going to the local paint store. This includes details on paint names and codes, sheen, and placement. If you choose wallpaper, you can purchase that directly from Green House Designs!

What's Included

  • Minimum 30 minute virtual color consultation (time varies depending on scope)

  • Large format paint swatches or wallpaper samples. These will be sent by FedEx to your home (US and Canada only)

  • Personalized Report (PDF) of your final paint color and wallpaper selections. Includes the following:

    • Specific paint color names and Sherwin Williams mix codes  

    • Details on recommended sheen (for example matte versus gloss)

    • Wallpaper pattern names and product codes

  • Homeowner’s guide to paint products, recommended finishes, best practices for using paint swatches, and other resources

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Select Your Service 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I hire you to Paint my house?

    • Unfortunately, No. We recommend hiring a local professional painter.

  • Can I buy paint or wallpaper from you? 

    • We do not sell paint, but your report will give you exactly the information you need to purchase your recommendations. We do however sell wallpaper!
  • What Paint Brand Will You Specify?

    • We work exclusively with the Sherwin Williams Professional Color Library

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